Spacious 2 and 3-bedroom condominium residences from the low $400s

Spacious 2 and 3-bedroom condominium residences from the low $400s

Looking for Fun Things to do in Downtown Las Vegas? Visit The Mob Museum

September 5, 2018

Exterior of the Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas.


As you head into Downtown Las Vegas, there are a variety of fun activities for tourists, locals, children, and couples to enjoy. But, one location outshines the rest (and is a great place to beat the summer heat!). On your hunt for fun things to do in the area, look no further than The Mob Museum! Here we will walk you through some of the key exhibits and activities available at The Mob Museum, and how to maximize your entire experience.

All About The Mob Museum

Officially known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, the museum is located at 300 E. Stewart Ave. in Downtown Las Vegas and has been open and operating since 2012. Located just blocks away from the Fremont Street Experience, in the former Las Vegas Post Office and Courthouse, this blast from the past is the perfect spot to learn about the history of organized crime, both in Las Vegas and throughout the country, get to know the law enforcement that helps take down these Mob Gods, and much more. The museum includes interactive journeys of true Mob stories, amazing visuals and detailed facts, and opportunities to get right in on the organized crime action.

The Mob Museum was also awarded accreditation in March 2017 and is part of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM). This means that this Las Vegas museum meets National Stands and Best Practices for museums in the United States.

The Exhibits

Whether you’re going by yourself, with a group of friends, or as a family, there is plenty to explore and learn within three floors and the basement. Throughout these floors, you’ll learn all about mob action around the country, understand more about today’s organized crime, and explore how law enforcement helps prevent these crimes. Let’s look at what you’ll find on each floor!


0. The Underground

The Underground of The Mob Museum is where the real fun truly begins. As you make your way down the steps, travel back to the Prohibition era, where you can explore The Underground Distillery and a new addition, The Underground Speakeasy. During the Prohibition era, the manufacturing, transportation, and selling of intoxicating liquors and beers was made illegal, which did not settle well with America. Enter the Mob. Without the smuggling of liquors and spirits and the hidden breweries and distilleries, there’s no telling what today’s alcohol industry might be like. During this part of the exhibit, you’ll learn more about the stories of bootleggers and the law that tried to stop them. After you’ve brushed up on your history, enjoy a sip of moonshine from the working still in the basement.

If you’re looking for a full Prohibition Era presentation, attend The Mob Museum’s new guided presentation in The Underground Distillery. Distillery presentations are free with museum admission, and are available every Thursday through Saturday from 11 am – 3 pm, at the top of every hour. During this tour, visitors will be able to learn more about the Prohibition Era, understand the distillation process at The Mob Museum, and even sample some moonshine!

100 Years of Made Men exhibit on floor one of The Mob Museum.


1. Floor One

Once you finish up in the Basement, make your way up to the 1st floor and begin your journey through 100 Years of Made Men. Here, you’ll put a face to a name as you learn about the different backgrounds of Mob members, including everything from illegal gambling to murder. Continuing on through the first floor, your group will also enjoy a variety of artifacts from some of the most famous Mob members in history.

Once you learn about the basics of the Mob past, learn more about organized crime today. Who are the leading men and women, and what are law officers doing to gain control over these crimes? Experience history firsthand through the Crime Lab Experience and the Use of Force Training Experience. Can you believe how much we’ve already covered just on the first floor?


2. Floor Two

Start your exploration of the 2nd floor in the courtroom, where you’ll learn more about The Kefauver Hearings. This short courtroom clip will walk you through the history of the U.S. Senate in 1950, when Tennessee Senator Estes Kefauver started a high-profile inquiry and held hearings throughout the country. After starting in the courtroom, move onto the Web of Decent to learn about some of the politicians and leaders that got wrapped up in the Mob. Browse upon headlines, articles, and facts about this spider web spun by the Mob.

Wrap up the second floor with some of the most gruesome violence and murders during the time of the Mob. Be prepared as you make your way through this part of the museum, because the Mob didn’t joke around when protecting their business, reputations, and freedom. Also on the 2nd floor is Open City, an exhibit that focuses on illegal gambling, key crime leaders, and the history of the Las Vegas Mob scene.

The Kefauver Hearings courtroom at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas.



3. Floor Three

The 3rd floor is full of even more history, artifacts, and displays. Take your time as you go through exhibits like the Birth of the Mob, Prohibition, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Wall, The Feds Fight Back, Follow the Money, and much more.

Sprinkled in with the crime history of the past is an exhibit called A Tough Little Town, which highlights the growth and development of a city in the middle of the desert that you are probably very familiar with! In this exhibit, guests explore how Las Vegas became the Entertainment Capital of the World, a resort mecca, and a gambler’s heaven. Visitors and locals alike are sure to enjoy this piece of history and learning more about the amazing development of our city.

The Events

If you’ve made it through all the amazing exhibits that make up the floors of The Mob Museum, there is plenty to still enjoy. We’re talking about all the amazing events that you can attend, of course! Whether you’re looking for the ultimate Mob-themed happy hour at The Underground Speakeasy, a Jazz night full of drinks and music, or even an educational event about organized crime today, The Mob Museum is the perfect host. Along with their calendar of events, the Mob Museum is a great place to host your special occasion. The venue is perfect for everything from weddings to business meetings to group events with friends.

After you’ve made it through all the floors, there is still so much to experience, explore, and learn. Whether you’re looking to quickly stop by with friends or you’re planning on spending the whole afternoon learning, The Mob Museum won’t disappoint. The building is full of details and is a must-see if you’re visiting or living in Las Vegas.

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