Spacious 2 and 3-bedroom condominium residences from the low $400s

Spacious 2 and 3-bedroom condominium residences from the low $400s

Condo Decor, FUN-0-1: Add Your Personality to Your New Space [Quiz]

June 19, 2018Sketch of interior design for a new home

Your condo is your sanctuary, your tranquil escape and an extension of your personality. The process of creating this sanctuary requires thought, strategy, and resources, but the journey is fun and rewarding!

The first step in creating your dream home is finding the perfect condo. Once you have that nailed down, it’s time to make it your own. With so many decor pieces, color palettes, and interior design styles, it can be hard to know which condo decor combination will best fit your space and preferences. But fear not! Here we explore some of the most popular interior design styles, what makes each unique, and how you can incorporate them into your new condo decor.

First, take our quiz to find out which interior design style works for you! Then, read on to learn more about how to make that style your own.

Add Mid-Century Modern Flair

Inspired by the 50’s and 60’s, a mid-century modern style gives a space the simplicity and cleanliness of modern decor and the ease of organic shapes. This interior design style is heavily influenced by Scandinavian design and was epitomized in 1960s Palm Springs and Hollywood. Deep, rich tones like burnt oranges, earthy greens, and chocolate browns are popular in mid-century modern spaces and the style has been updated over the years to include quirky furnishings and pops of color.

Dress it Down in Country Chic

Transform your new condo into a home by adding some country chic design details. This cozy style accentuates the “homey” aspects of a space, while incorporating some more modern, feminine details. Embrace this design style with feminine furniture silhouettes, farmhouse-style wall decor, wooden materials, and floral patterns. Handmade pieces, baskets, aged metals, and antiques are all great accents to add rustic charm and country chic style.

Keep it Simple with Modern Minimalism

This interior design style is for those that appreciate space and simplicity. Modern minimalism embraces the absence of decor and clutter, often resulting in exceptionally relaxing spaces. Polished finishes, geometric shapes, neutral tones, and clean lines characterize this interior design style. These spaces look best when complemented by updated finishes and simple condo interiors.

Closeup of designer hands looking at paint samples, paperwork, and a laptop

Get Creative with Art Deco

Infuse your condo interiors with eclectic pieces that give it an art deco feel. This design style embraces the geometric shapes, mirrored textures, and wood accents that characterize home decor in the 20’s and 30’s. Sleek lines, glass tops, and chrome hardware are all common themes among art deco spaces. This style alludes to modern design, but with rich materials and intricate craftsmanship. Originally designed to add glamour to spaces, modern-day art deco has adopted a more eclectic, exuberant feel.

Get Quirky with Eclecticism

This condo decor relies on the basics and pulls from multiple design styles to create a unique mix. Eclecticism is bold in its quest to switch up traditional styles. Eclectic condo decor usually includes a combination of patterns, textures, silhouettes, colors, and materials. Ranging from muted to whimsical, there are little to no limits when it comes to decorating an eclectic home.

Transport Your Space with Coastal Details

If you’re the kind of designer that can’t get enough of the ocean, infusing the coast into your living space only makes sense. Seashells, rope and netting textures, airy fabrics, and scenic oceanic landscapes characterize the coastal design style. Create a breezy ocean oasis by adding blue tones to represent the sky and water and warmer creams to represent sand and sunshine. The coastal design style makes coming home feel like entering a vacation-like escape.

Decorating your living space can transform it into an expression of you. When in the market for a new home, it’s important to look for a space that’s both innately stylish and easily customizable. The Ogden in Las Vegas offers luxury condos that exude style and craftsmanship down to every detail. Each residence is designed with open floor plans, stainless steel GE Profile appliances, beautiful LED recessed and pendant lighting in the kitchen, blackout shades in the bedroom, and so much more. This type of quality makes decorating easy. A minimalist approach will let the exquisite details shine, while a style with more detail will complement the clean design.

Finding your interior design style will help make your condo uniquely “you”. Creating the home of your dreams is easy and fun once you know what style you love .

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